A week in review, 2019-W51




  1. Joe Fassler, The Great Gatsby Line That Came From Fitzgerald's Life—and Inspired a Novel, The Atlantic (2013-07-02). If we spend our lives on a social stage, performing emotions, ideas, and acts for others, how are we ever to be sure of the authenticity of our feelings and memories?
  2. Lindsey Andrews, YAGNI – You Aren’t Going To Need It: Too Much Data is a Bad Thing, SensrTrx Blog (2019-10-24). When applied to manufacturing data, YAGNI explains the importance of collecting data that can provide valuable insights and actionable decisions. Many companies collect anything and everything because “you never know what you might find”, which is the wrong way to look at data collection.


  1. There and Back Again, Radiolab (2019-12-18).
  2. Alex Gibney, WTF with Marc Maron (2019-12-19).
  3. #1402 - Boyan Slat, The Joe Rogan Experience (2019-12-17).


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  • Nothing!: I have no idea. Tell me what I should do in 2020.

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