A week in review, 2020-W02




  1. Ken White, David Foster Wallace Was No Coward, The Atlantic (2020-01-07).
  2. Mark Manson, 10 Important Lessons We Learned from the 2010s, markmanson.net (2019-12-29). The television age trained us to be docile and receptive. “Show me the shiny funny things, oh, glorious fun box.” But the internet requires us to be active participants in our own consumption. Taking responsibility for that consumption—and managing ourselves when we over-indulge on that consumption—is a difficult and never-ending task.
  3. Alice Boyes, 5 Ways Smart People Sabotage Their Success, Harvard Business Review (2018-11-13). (notes)
  4. Arthur Waldron, So Long, Lu Xun, Commentary Magazine (2007-08-28).
  5. Paul French, Top 10 books about Old Shanghai, The Guardian (2018-09-26).


  1. Boeing vs Airbus - Cleared for Takeoff, Business Wars (2020-01-08).
  2. Are U.S.-China Relations In a Downward Spiral?, China in the World (2020-01-07).
  3. #25 How to publish a book in China, Middle Earth (2020-01-07).


Amélie (2001)




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