The quiet voice says:


The loud voice says:


Fight. Flight. Fight. Flight. Fight flight. Fight flight fight flight fightflight fightflight fightflight.


Swimming is easy, but floating is difficult. Swimming, however, ends with the energy available to support it. Floating ends... ?

I admire the people who can remain quiet and wait things out. But. No. I admire the people who drop the shoulder and drive through the problem. But. No. Remember the fable about the oak and the reed? Bend but don't break. But. No. Remember the fable about the boy and the nettles? Grasp it firmly.



We were talking about change, weren't we? About what we can do to survive in uncertain times?

We were just hinting at it, hoping to sneak up on it with stories and metaphors. Hoping to understand change without the difficulty of calling it by its name.

Do you... do you think it will work?

Well, we're not dead yet.

We're not alive, either.

Oblique strategy: "Listen to the quiet voice"

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