A week in review, 2020-W22


  1. 2005, the way home: day 2 (2020-05-25).
  2. 2005, the way home: day 3 (2020-05-26).
  3. 2005, the way home: day 4 (2020-05-27).
  4. 2005, the way home: day 5 (2020-05-28).
  5. 2005, the way home: day 6 (2020-05-29).
  6. 2005, the way home: day 7 (2020-05-30).
  7. 2005, the way home: day 8 (2020-05-31).


  1. Jelani Cobb, The Death of George Floyd, in Context, The New Yorker (2020-05-28). The video of Floyd’s death is horrific but not surprising; terrible but not unusual, depicting a kind of incident that is periodically reënacted in the United States. It’s both necessary and, at this point, pedestrian to observe that policing in this country is mediated by race. On Tuesday, in Minneapolis, hundreds of protesters, many wearing face masks to guard against COVID-19, braved the pandemic to protest at the spot where Floyd died. Outside a nearby precinct house, police cars were pelted with rocks, and officers responded by firing tear gas.
  2. James C. Cobb, Even Though He Is Revered Today, MLK Was Widely Disliked by the American Public When He Was Killed, Smithsonian Magazine (2018-04-04). King did nothing to quell these concerns when he later told David Halberstam that he had abandoned the incremental approach to social change of his civil rights protest days in favor of pursuing “a reconstruction of the entire society, a revolution of values,” one which would “look uneasily on the glaring contrast of poverty and wealth with righteous indignation.”
  3. Tiffany Wen, The hidden signs that can reveal a fake photo, BBC Future (2017-06-29). “More often than not, people think that the real images are fake and that things that are fake are real,” says Farid. “And their confidence is very high. So people are both ignorant and confident, which is the worst combination.”
  4. Sally Patten, Expect to spend half your time WFH till the end of 2020 (2020-05-01). Alex Badenoch, group executive of transformation, communications and people at Telstra, said: “We know we need to balance both our business needs with the views and feelings of our employees. Some people are keen to return to the office as soon as possible, while this creates concern and anxiety for others." Mr Dixon argued that it was critical that companies consider how they would manage an outbreak of COVID-19 in the coming months in the absence of a vaccine.
  5. Dana Goodyear, The Coronavirus Spurs a Movement of People Reclaiming Vacant Homes, The New Yorker (2020-03-28). He and other activists identified the safest houses, in the best condition, and matched them with potential occupants, good custodians who would work to improve the houses. It was important, he said, to limit the reclamations; his ultimate goal was not to have people squatting in the houses but to add moral force to the argument they are making to Caltrans. “Of course, anyone can do it. But there’s a lot of respect here for us and what we do and our opinion. I say, ‘You want to ruin the movement? We’re not going to take anymore; we’re going to work on the ones we have.’ ”


  1. 180 - Meltdown, You Are Not So Smart (2020-05-19). (notes) [53:16] One is that the amount of tuning and optimization that we have done in our systems for the normal day—that I think is one of the big things that we are seeing now, that normal is actually—the normal range of parameters that we can operate in is really narrow relative to the total range of parameters that we can operate in. And I think that's one of the things that coronavirus is highlighting. [...] The other thing is that in systems, there is a delay. So, you can think about the delay in different levels. [...] I bet the people that make toilet paper are also not buying and storing months worth of lumber to make months worth of toilet paper. I bet they're buying that in real time, right? So if all of a sudden there's a spike in demand, they've now got to go and get more trees somewhere, and that is a delay that is going to flow back through the system.


香煎鳕鱼【曼食慢语第110集】, 曼食慢语 Amanda Tastes (2015-08-19).



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