A week in review, 2020-W15




  1. Elizabeth Macanufo, Late-Night Conversation Sparks Frustrated Lawyer's Bright Idea, Plotlines (2020-03-03). (notes) “I hated tracking every six minutes of my day on my timesheet and being measured only on the time I spent, not the value I created for my clients,” he says. Lawyers profited from spending time billed to clients, but they didn’t prioritize creativity in their own businesses. “New ideas are scarce because ‘precedent’ is the first thing you learn in law school; many in the industry believe that everything we’d like to try in our businesses must be based upon something done by others before.”
  2. Adam Grant, The Fine Line Between Helpful and Harmful Authenticity, The New York Times (2020-04-10). (notes) Authenticity without boundaries is careless. When we broadcast our limitations, we need to be careful to avoid casting doubt on our strengths.
  3. Rosecrans Baldwin, A California Dream, Mental Floss (2016-07-01). California City, California, is the third-largest city by area in America’s third-largest state, and most of it barely even qualifies as a ghost town—a ghost town needs people to have lived there first. California City is a ghost grid.
  4. Adam Grant, In Negotiations, Givers Are Smarter Than Takers, The New York Times (2020-03-27). (notes) Believing in a fixed pie is a self-fulfilling prophecy. When we expect the worst in others, we bring out the worst in others. When we recognize that everyone feels the impulse to help (unless they’re a sociopath) we have a chance to bring out what Lincoln called the better angels of their nature.
  5. Amy Smotherman Burgess, Knoxville luffa grower finds multiple uses for gourd, Knoxville News Sentinel (2016-09-22).


  1. Missing in Action: U.S.-China Cooperation on Coronavirus, China in the World (2020-04-11). (notes)
  2. Leverage and gearing, Akimbo (2020-04-08).
  3. #1197 - Q&A: What do you think about multi-level marketing?, Side Hustle School (2020-04-11).


Marc Maron: End Times Fun (2020)


welcome color in a gray environment


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