A week in review, 2020-W17


  1. Stability vs equilibrium (2020-04-20).
  2. Dive: lessons learned (2020-04-22).


  1. Kae Petrin, St. Louisans Are Gardening To Manage Stress, Find Purpose Amid Coronavirus Isolation, St. Louis Public Radio (2020-04-21). In most crises, Salois said, people aren’t confined to their homes. They would have jobs or ways to chip in that make them feel useful. “If you have a typhoon or a tornado, you're out and about. You’re trying to clear brush or rescue your neighbors — you’ve got things you can do. Having something you can do really does help when there's trouble,” Salois said. She thinks gardening could help fill that desire to do something productive.
  2. Susan Atteberry Smith, Here's Our Guide to Growing Native Plants, Missouri Life Magazine (2020-04-07). (notes) Native plants predate European immigration to the United States. Plants from other parts of the world can become invasive in Missouri for a variety of reasons and can spread, choking out native species. [...] Invasive plants decrease biodiversity, too, she adds, because if native plants disappear from an area, so do the insects that eat them, along with the soil-enriching worms that munch on bug larvae.
  3. Seth Godin, Don't know (can't know), Seth's Blog (2020-04-20). (notes) As William Goldman said, nobody knows anything. It’s so much more honest (and efficient) for a selective college to send a letter to the people who meet basic criteria and say, “you’re good enough, but there aren’t enough slots, so we’re going to pick randomly.” Because the truth is that a randomly selected class of qualified people is going to be just as high achieving as any other combination they could create. And if you’re the one who wasn’t picked, don’t sweat it. They don’t know better. They can’t.
  4. Shane Franklin, "Wild Ones" Teach Foraging in Missouri, KSMU (2012-08-13). At her seminars with the Wild Ones at Burr Oaks, Mathews has plenty of suggestions on how to forage safely and sustainably. And even where the beginning forager could start. “My suggestion would be to pick out five plants in a year. Follow that plant through a whole season and learn about just five plants at a time. Be sure you know them well, and how to use them and what they are used for.” Mathews says you almost never want to take the roots, just cut the leaves. This way you can revisit the plant in the future. She says at first, make sure you go with someone else who knows the plants better, and always carry a good plant identification book with you.
  5. Cal Newport, Expert Twitter' Only Goes So Far. Bring Back Blogs, Wired (2020-04-23). (notes) Twitter was optimized for links and short musings. It’s not well suited for complex discussions or nuanced analyses. As a result, the feeds of these newly emerged pandemic experts are often a messy jumble of re-ups, unrolled threads, and screenshot excerpts of articles. We can do better.


  1. System 1 Research is Product Management, This is Product Management (2020-04-20). (notes) [8:51] It's equally important in any kind of digital development to understand that it's not just the app, it's just not a tool to do something. It's also plays into people's understanding of who they are and how they perform that role. Are you using new and cool techniques? If that's a position you aspire to be and adopt and think, then it's not just about the features themselves, but what kind of story that it tells. And that framing of the story is extremely important for people to buy into and say, yes, we've got to use this app, and this is what we need as a business, even though there might be a lot of other tools that you can use, but understanding the motivation and what can make people make say, yes, let's make this switch.
  2. Which Companies Will Survive the Economic Crash?, SupplyChainBrain (2020-04-22). (notes) [13:59] There's a lot of stickiness to restarting an economy and who's going to dictate that and how it's going to happen is yet to be seen, but because the federal government didn't impose mandatory shutdowns, they're going to have a lot of challenges imposing a mandatory back to work decree.
  3. #1210 - Q&A: Should I quit my job and go full time with my hustle?, Side Hustle School (2020-04-24). (notes) [06:21] Congratulations, once again. Shelly represents what many of our listeners aspire to. And of course you don't have to quit your job, just to throw that out there. Lots of people actually build up the side income to a substantial level but continue with their job. I think it's just wonderful to get to the point where you have a choice, and then once you have the choice, you have so much more power essentially. You have more power, you have more leverage, you have the ability to decide for yourself, which I think is a wonderful thing no matter what you end up doing next.


Andrew Bird, "Near Death Experience Experience" (2020-04-22)


can I offer you a nice bread in this trying time?


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