A week in review 2020-W19


  1. Music notation and markup language (2020-05-04).
  2. The barred owl (2020-05-05).
  3. A law of presentations: leave it out (2020-05-06).
  4. The barred owl, 2 (2020-05-07).
  5. Forget the brake (2020-05-08).


  1. Austin Kleon, Not everything will be okay (but some things will), austinkleon.com (2020-05-06). If we are going to paint the neighborhood with slogans, let’s at least honor each other’s grief and intelligence.
  2. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, Google expects its staff to work from home until 2021 and it's not alone, ZDNet (2020-05-08). IT management is also OK with this new work from home model. An IDG survey found 71% say the coronavirus pandemic "has created a more positive view of remote workplaces." This is already making them look at "how they plan for office space, tech staffing and overall staffing in the future."
  3. Wayne Hale, The Kaboom Case, NASA Blogs (2009-01-07). Everybody who was anybody at NASA from the Administrator on down, had a box in their office to the Flight Director loop. And the loops were recorded for posterity. It was very important to pick your words carefully when talking on the loop. Telling jokes or otherwise fooling around was not allowed. But the worst sin was to “talk over the airwaves”, not on the loop, but where only the people physically around you could hear a conversation. We were trained so to talk on the loop even if it was to the guy three feet away next to you. The conversation was to be done “on the loop” so that others could follow it as well.
  4. Henry Fountain, No Yeast at the Store? No Problem. It's Everywhere in Your Home., The New York Times (2020-05-07). (notes) Her mother got the starter from her mother, whose husband arrived in the Yukon during the Klondike gold rush of the 1890s. Family lore has it that Ms. Christensen’s grandfather got it from some prospectors from California who had first prepared it during the gold rush in that state decades before
  5. Adam Minter, In the ‘Star Wars’ Economy, One Thing Doesn’t Pay, Bloomberg (2019-12-22). So what, then, is the business model that supports so many junkyards and scavengers? Rey, the Jawas, and everyone else who scavenges in the series recognize that there's more value in a working gadget or spare part than in the raw materials that constitute them. The value is in the energy, engineering and manufacturing required to make the stuff. So, for example, that crashed star destroyer on Jakku isn't stripped for metal; instead, we see Rey risk her life to scavenge it for reusable components that she can sell.


  1. How COVID-19 spreads, and how to stop its growth, The Radio Café (2020-04-24). (notes) [7:22] Stopping the exponential growth of this disease is utterly essential, and the Prokopenko study gets across that the way to do that is to have an above-threshold level of social distancing. There's a couple of critical things here, Mary Charlotte. People do not yet know there is a threshold. They don't yet have the image of the fire spreading or not spreading, even though it's perfectly well known.
  2. Exploring Afro-Latin Music's Midwestern Impact, St. Louis on the Air (2020-05-06). We never had something in the St. Louis region that honed in, or just allowed people to enjoy, the Latin music. By Club Viva opening the way it did, it gave people a new perspective of what was out there, especially with Afro-Latin music, which is not seen when you think of Latin music as a whole.
  3. The Future of the Library, Akimbo (2020-05-06). (notes) [4:41] How did we end up with libraries in the first place? A couple reasons. The first is, governments like to write things down. They like to write down rules and regulations, as well as debts and balance sheets. In addition, religions like to write things down. And so the combination of scripture, spiritual books, and government records led to the need to store all of these scrolls or tablets or, ultimately, books. So the first libraries weren't libraries in the way we think of them, they were warehouses for books that only certain people were anointed to be able to enter.


Carrot Cake Recipe, Chef Tips (2014-03-24).


the barred owl


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