The Captain's Newsletter, 2021-W09 - Stuck in the bucket seat

The Captain's Newsletter, 2021-W09 - Stuck in the bucket seat

This site is on the verge of becoming a garden blog. Maybe. I don't care. I think my favorite part of turning 40, so far, is how a simple change of number completely stripped away any remaining feelings I had about looking Uncool. That doesn't mean I was confused and thinking that had a shot at not being Uncool, there was just this lingering feeling—a voice, a nudge—that would flare up whenever Uncool things were about to be done. That voice got old and died. RIP, ye olde nag.

Read it. There are some links you might like. None of them are too serious—maybe one. Do what you can to get through the day. Take a nap. Have a shower and a drink, then start a fire in the backyard and throw a printed copy of the newsletter into the fire to propitiate the sky gods—do it before it's too late.

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