Not busy

Busy busy busy.

Busyness can be a safe place to hide. "I'm sorry I couldn't get it done, I'm so busy"--and a million other similar-sounding excuses. Sometimes the wheels of the universe align against you, but sometimes the busyness is your own damn fault. It depends.

One thing I'm sure about is that busyness is not an aspiration. It's not a means. It's not an end.

I try not to use it as an excuse, even when it's a truth. It's not a cause, it's an effect. Eliminate busyness by eliminating its causes. Don't take more than you can consume from the things-to-do buffet, if you can avoid it. Don't say yes more often than you can bear.

If you have to--or want to--take on the world you've got to do it gladly. Then it's not work. Then it's more of a calling or a purpose or a mission. Then you can say no to other things because you really have something to do.

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