I got stuck trying to determine the ROI on something for a project management class assignment this evening. Ironically, perhaps. I've also been stuck on calculating the ROI for putting myself through classes generally.

Eh, honestly I don't calculate ROI on anything in real life. Not the house, not the house improvements, not the food I eat, not the utility bills, not the Netflix subscription, not the books on the shelf. And so on. I'm not going to calculate ROI on this business degree. Money is money. Return on time, return on pain, return on effort, return on frustration, etc. Those are closer to what I'm thinking about.

I don't know how to calculate those, either. I'm also not very interested in the calculation, although there's a part of my brain that recognizes that it might be a good idea. But there's also a part of my brain that doesn't believe it could be calculated cleanly, usefully, and doesn't want to waste the time.

Sometimes those two parts of my mind fight over their differences, but not today. They both have too much on their minds, I guess. (It's minds all the way down.)

This company, this case—I'll figure out the ROI here soon. It's not impossible, just relevant info lost in the text. Life? Maybe I'll just keep using weak versions of the hell yeah rule, at least for time and energy expenditures. Good enough. Returns? Sure, I'll take two.

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