Burro time

Sure. One more step in this direction. Why not?

Yesterday it was about mule time. Mules have some kind of purpose. I guess. Burros are different. Burros are some kind of incarnate evil. We have a history.

I've scratched out the original post. I tried to make out burros as some kind of useful creature, and Burro Time as some kind of useful feature. No. It was a silly post.

Burros are horrible dinosaur monster horses, weird manmade donkey hybrids. They're destructive and territorial. They cut unnecessary trails and trample water holes. They are a nuisance (although it's complicated).

So let's admit that burro time exists. But it's not where you want to be. If you find yourself being like one of those Death Valley burros--stop. Hold in that next heehaw. Be something else

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