I mentioned it earlier this week, but like an idiot, I actually downloaded Minecraft on my phone. I'll have to delete that soon. It's a time eater, and to have that time for other things. Just need to explore a few more areas and I'll get rid of it...

Three things catch my attention, scratching itches that I have in an an incredibly effective way:

  1. Over the next hill. Just like going for a hike in the real world, I have this urge to keep wandering the map to see what else is out there. This is crazy and I know it in my brain—it's an infinite map generated from a seed. There is literally—or at least practically—no end to the map. There will always be a next hill to look over.
  2. Keep it local. And there's also local features that make it possible to keep looking and looking right where you are. There are caves and underwater areas and if that gets old, you can just dig yourself down or sideways. There is always more local if you keep digging.
  3. Landscape. Here's the most insane thing: I keep getting this urge to take a picture of the scenery as if I was actually out there walking around and exploring—as if I was going to bring those photos back home to show others where I had been. Look at this mesa, look at this jungle, look at this beach. I know how stupid this urge is—and I've avoided it so far—but it's right there in my brain when I play.

An infinite game is an interesting concept. If I had infinite time to both play and get things done is love to keep playing it, but I don't.

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