Seed saver

Hi, my name is Kirk and I have a problem. I eat things and then I look at the seeds that I didn't eat and I think, "I could grow that. Here is a 香瓜 (xiāngguā) or muskmelon that we got at the grocery store today, with its seeds being dried for future planting.

I don't know. It's a habit, or a quirk, or some other sobriquet for problem. It's really just a food-oriented version of the same issue I have with other things. Read a book about endurance runners—sure, maybe I could run 100 miles. Work with people who develop embedded software—sure, maybe I could automate things in C. Watch some YouTube videos about professional contractors building retaining walls—sure, I could flatten my backyard. And so on and so on.

On one hand: save me from myself and my delusions of what I think I can do.

On the other hand: I've been pretty bad at failing at each new strange thing I've tried.

I'd hesitate to call each thing a Success I've tried and not failed at, but I've survived this far dilettanting around, and I enjoy it, so let's keep it going. Like Feynman said, it's the pleasure of finding things out.

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