Defensive gardening

The soybean plants have no leaves. The rabbits ate them. I watched a rabbit cruise through the soybean plot today, sniffing at the leaves in a manner that suggested he wasn't satisfied with the waitstaff.

I didn't know soybean leaves were tasty. Maybe they aren't. Maybe they're only tasty when you've eaten all the lettuce and the kale. And the pea leaves. And a few bites of squash leaves.

Listen. I know I had competition for the garden produce. It's fair game (for any species that doesn't have trespassing laws applied to it). But I've been juggling to get things done on the backyard, and animal security hasn't made it to the top of the queue.

Now I'm looking up what I can plant back there in the summer for fall harvest. Already did the hard work of turning over the soil with a spade—so what the hell? I have chicken wire and I have fence posts (read: bamboo that I need to cut back), so you can bet that there era of defensive gardening is about to commence.

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