Trailhead: Tamler Sommers. "An Interview with Galen Strawson". Believer Magazine (2003-03-01).

“But to get back to your question: I’m pretty sure it’s not meditation that has got me any closer to living the fact that there’s no deep moral responsibility. Insofar as I have got closer, it is just living a life, and the long and devoted practice of philosophy. I think philosophy really does change one over time. It makes one’s mind large, in some peculiar manner. It seems to me that the professional practice of philosophy is itself a kind of spiritual discipline, in some totally secular sense of “spiritual”; or at least that it can be, and has been for me. It would be very surprising if intense training of the mind didn’t change the shape of the mind as much as intense training of the body changes the shape of the body. It does.”

Leaving aside the point of the interview—whether or not free will exists (spoiler alert: it doesn't—this line about changing the "shape of the mind" has been rattling around in my head today. Of course that's how training your brain to think ought to work. Practice makes fit. Lack of practice makes soft.

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