Will, 2

Trailhead: Ira Hyman. "The Menace of Memes". Psychology Today (2019-10-31).

When I read that free will is an illusion, I have a hard time really believing that. There must be something there for us to be doing or deciding to do. It seems incomplete and unlikely to think that we're on this ride somewhat passively, yet believing that we have control.

But memes.

I'd like to say it in "other people" terms. Other people are susceptible to the trash information passed around the Internet in memes. Other people are idiots who will believe anything. Other people are forwarding garbage around, turning what could be a reasonably good place into a landfill.

Inconveniently I'm one of other people here so there is no other people. I recognize that feeling of being pulled along with memes. And it's not too far off a leap to imagine being pulled along in other ways by other things as well.

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