It occurred to me, while continuing to read through Managing with Power: Politics and Influence in Organizations, that I hadn't really done a good job collecting information and references from these two years of taking MBA night classes. I've got a lot of it in Evernote in individual pages for each class, but only some of it, and it's not organized in any way. It's there, but tossed somewhere into a corner, biding its time until it's fully forgotten.

I read a book, or read a paper, or look up a reference, and... I put some of the information in my head, sure, but the reference itself fades away somewhere. The memory does as well, and eventually the memory that there was a memory there to remember fades.

Does it matter? Everyone dies in the end, so maybe it doesn't, but I'm not sure that's the case to optimize for. Does it matter in a month? A year? Ten years? It's not clear. Maybe. Maybe not.

But it's not hard to record some of that reference info for future recall, whether it gets used or not. I miss Evernote's old context feature that showed notes that were related to the open note—sometimes I would find information about topics that I forgot I looked up five or eight years ago because Evernote helpfully showed me the old page as I was making a new version, having forgotten the original. Storing the reference info somewhere is basically just setting the stage for serendipity, since most anything can be found via web search anyway.

Anyway, for this particular case, I'm going to jam references that I collect and have collected while studying here: /ref/business. I'm not sure if accounting and economics and network analysis all deserve to be crushed into one page, but it's better than vaporizing them to zero pages.

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