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Paris trip via Google Earth

[All of the links are Google Earth placemarks—that's what the .kmz file extensions are]

Starting at the Gare Centrale in Strasbourg at 12:19am, we arrived at the Gare de l'Est in Paris at roughly 7am. During the day, Dave and I traveled to:

[hopefully coming soon: a tour of the path we took around the city]

We only had ten hours in Paris, so we got around as much as we could. And no, it wasn't a romantic trip; Dave's fiancé might have something to say about that...

Where in the world is ISU?

Check it out, Google Earth placemark: International Space University, Illkirch-Graffenstaden, France

i.e., where the "party" is from 8am to 8pm every day...

Also, our home: Foyer l'Etudiant Catholique, Strasbourg, France. Yes, it's called FEC—the Irish kids here love that name...

Update: Here is the path that I take every day from FEC to ISU. Go to Tools > Play Tour (or ctrl + alt + P) and you can take a tour. It's not that impressive of a tour; this is the first time that I have created a path in the upgrade of Google Earth Plus that I just purchased yesterday.

That is, I just updated from a relatively benign drug to something much more serious.

Martigny, Switzerland and Chamonix, France

Full set of photos: Martigny - Chamonix, July 2006

Dave at the wheel
Full picture: An Aussie driving on the right... look out!

A9 in Switzerland
Full picture: Sunset in the clouds near Lac Leman

Full picture: Up the hill from Martigny

Full picture: Over the Martigny valley

Full picture: Hiking near Trient

Swiss Alps
Full picture: Mont Blanc

Swiss Alps
Full picture: Looking over the Chamonix valley

Swiss Alps
Full picture: Into the next valley

Swiss Alps
Full picture: Down the ridge

Dave in the snow
Full picture: Summer snowfight

Lac Noir
Full picture: Lac Noir

Swiss Alps
Full picture: Paragliding

the mayor of Strasbourg

"You don't know what you're talkeeeng about"

"France isn't what it used to be... you walk around like a foool, somebody cut you"

In search of an Irish pub last night—the most likely nonexistant Irish Times—we met a new "friend" on the way past the cathedral. Some guy—no front teeth, ratty suit—caught up to our group of six just to inform Joe Ireland that he didn't know what he was talking about. —kept hoping that the guy would shove off quickly, but he followed us for several hundred meters, giving us such important information like telling us that we should watch out, or that he would cut us, or that we shouldn't walk around like "woooo" (imagine arms flailing in the air), or that his grandparents blood was on the castle. He kept referring to it as his city, so we naturally assumed that he must be the mayor of Strasbourg.

Actually, this was all aimed at Joe. Not a surprise.

Back to class...