A plan emerges for 2006

I thought that after such an active 2005, 2006 would be "the year I settled down. Mmmmm, not exactly. If I win one of the two scholarships from the American Astronautical Society or the National Space Society to the summer session program at the International Space University in Strasbourge France, 2006 could potentially top 2005 in terms of manic travelling exuberance. Here's a brief look at the skeleton of the plan:

Sunday, May 14: Graduate from University of Illinois with my M.S. in Aerospace Engineering (goodbye, Illinois—don't call me, I'll call you)

Perhaps between graduating and ISU I can work at camp for a few weeks, making some money at a place I like

July 3 to September 1: ISU Summer Session Program in Strasbourg, France

Between the end of ISU and the beginning of SGC/IAC, stay in Madrid or Valencia and help with the SGC event setup.

September 28 to October 6: Space Generation Congress and International Astronautical Congress in Valencia, Spain.

Post-IAC: travel back to Allahabad to make a presentation at the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology and meet with Abhishek, Jojo, Pallavi, and friends.

End of October: Join the workin' world.

More later... first I need to finish my combustion homework and work on step one of this plan—graduate.

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