Upcoming: Houston to Amarillo to Guadalupe Mountains National Park

This weekend, I'm driving to Amarillo to broadcast the 2008 CanSat Competition to the web for the American Astronautical Society. I don't get out of Houston nowadays -- I mean, in the last two or three weeks -- so I'm turning this into a grand tour. Why not...

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Day 1, 14 June 2008: Houston to Amarillo

Dublin, Texas: 117th anniversary of Dublin Dr. Pepper, a variation of Dr. Pepper that uses cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup -- also, the oldest Dr. Pepper plant in the world.

Day 2, 15 June 2008: Amarillo to Guadalupe Mountains National Park

10:00AM - Posting results of the CanSat Competition to astronautical.org/cansat

Day 3, 16 June 2008: Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Hike Guadalupe Peak. I've already been to Guadalupe Peak once in 2005 -- see photos on Flickr -- and I've been waiting to return ever since. When I went in 2005, a park ranger gave me one of the best tips I've ever received: hike the peak in the dark, watch the sunrise from the top. Incredible. So I'm going to try it again, although there won't be a full moon this time.

You can view notes my upcoming trip on Dopplr (if you're a Dopplr member...). I'll post the full set of photos when I return, but if you just. can't. wait. then keep an eye on my Flickr account, where I often post photos from the road.

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