Tropical Storm Edouard

First, the National Hurricane Center is tracking Tropical Storm Edouard at

In my spare time -- since SAIC is contracted to NASA, and NASA called off work at Johnson Space Center after noon today and all day tomorrow -- I did a crude conversion of the Tropical Storm Edouard 3-day forecast from the site to Google Earth.

You should really check it out as a larger map.

Do you use Google Earth? Here's a Network Link .kmz file for the storm track: Tropical Storm Edouard.kmz. (Network File means that if you save it to your My Places, it will update as I update the info for it.)

I was curious how close the center of the storm was going to pass to my apartment. My apartment is the star on the map. As of 20:00 on 4 August, the storm track is predicted to pass about 7 km northeast of me (+/- all of the inaccuracies, so ~10km). We'll see what happens...

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