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Wikipedia Coffee Break 28 Feb 2008: Alfred Wainwright

  1. Start. "Today's Featured Article:" M62 Motorway
  2. M62 Motorway. The M62 motorway is a west–east trans-Pennine motorway in northern England, connecting the cities of Liverpool and Hull.
  3. Pennines. Britain's first long distance footpath, the Pennine Way, runs the full length of the Pennine chain and is 429 kilometres (268 mi) long.
  4. Pennine Way. A popular guide was authored and illustrated by the writer Alfred Wainwright, whose offer to buy a pint of beer for anyone who finished the Pennine Way is estimated to have cost him up to £15,000 until his death in 1991.
  5. Alfred Wainwright. Alfred ("A.") Wainwright MBE (17 January 1907 – 20 January 1991) was a British hillwalker, guidebook author and illustrator.

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Wikipedia Coffee Break 25 Feb 2008: Mukurthi National Park

If I'm going to take a break for five minutes at work, I figure I might as well learn something. I suppose I'd have a cigarette if I was a smoker, but I'm not, so I don't. A five minute Wikipedia cruise is more interesting to me.

  1. Start, Wikipedia Main Page: "Did you know..." ...that the railcar that ran on the Shimoga-Talaguppa railway in India had to be reversed on a turntable, so that it could start its return journey?
  2. Shimoga-Talaguppa railway: British Indian authorities started laying the metre gauge line in the year 1938 from Shimoga to Talaguppa to provide access to Jog Falls.
  3. Jog Falls: created by the Sharavathi River falling from a height of 253 meters (829 ft) is the highest plunge waterfall in India and the 7th deepest in the world. From the "Western Ghats" navigational box at the bottom of the page: Sispara Peak.
  4. Sispara Peak: Sispara Peak is in the core area of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. Location is 11°12'N, 76°28'E at the northeast end of Silent Valley National Park and the southwest end of Mukurthi National Park.
  5. Mukurthi National Park. See especially: link to photos on Flickr tagged as Mukurthi.
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