The Week in Project 365 Photos [2009-W05]

This week, I focused on taking 15 second exposures for my Project 365 photos. Some of them turned out pretty good -- I like "The Tower" and "New World." It would be a lot easier if I owned a tripod; instead, most of these photos are shot from ground level with my camera propped on my bag. The long exposures have a cool effect on the scenery -- especially when there are clouds in the background.

(Secretly, I really like the "Hurricane Freezer" shot.)

From Within
From Within [2009-026]

New World
This is my favorite shot out of the week's long exposures. This shot, on the corner of Clear Lake, never looks so interesting in the daylight.
New World [2009-027]

Upper Bay Golden Brick Road
Taken on Upper Bay Road. It looks like sand, but it's the effect of the yellow lights on the street.
Upper Bay Golden Brick Road [2009-028]

The Tower
The Tower [2009-029]

Around Lake Nassau
Around Lake Nassau [2009-030]

Hurricane Freezer
These are remnants of my Hurricane Ike preparations: water stored in milk jugs in the freezer.
Hurricane Freezer [2009-031]

The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake
TAACCL [2009-032]

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