Quote me on that

As an inferior writer, I enjoy collecting passages from writers that I admire. Often they say what I feel, but in a more eloquent, interesting, humorous -- just pick a complimentary adjective out of a hat -- way. Or, even better, they say things my brain is too small to have even considered.

I like to collect these quotes. It started by writing them here and there in notebooks and scraps of paper. Those were lost somewhere in the clutter. Then I began capturing them at kittell.tumblr.com. That was an acceptable solution.

Then I got fancy and starting collecting them here on my site: kirkkittell.com/quotes. There is a feed for it as well: feeds.feedburner.com/kirkkittell/quotes. It is an ugly, unstyled feed, but I've heard no complaints from my zero subscribers so far. Besides, I'm publishing the quotes for me, and if you like it, well, hooray for collateral benefits.

Also, meet my pet peeve: I loathe incorrectly transcribed or improperly cited quotes. Don't ever do that in front of me. I will crush you.

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