Three things: 2016-W31

1. Now reading

Started: Discrete Mathematics with Applications by Susanna Epp. Nerd alert. After ten years in the Industry, I'm trying to recast myself as a software-knowledgeable person. And since code isn't that hard really, I'm trying to learn some of the math that goes into it. All things I coulda shoulda picked up in college.

Started: The Places in Between by Rory Stewart--audiobook, read by the author.

2. Three Chinese words

  • 记得 - jìde - to remember
  • - chāo - to make a copy
  • 不管 - bùguǎn - no matter what, regardless of

Picked up while trying to follow 今晚80后脱口秀 (2016-07-28).

3. Agent-Based Modeling

The Santa Fe Institute's online Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling course started. Not sure if I'm going to follow through on this one, but I've signed up for now.

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