Habits - October 2017

I use an app called Way of Life to help develop some good habits. It's kind of like some things that I had tried before using spreadsheets, but much simpler. Way of Life is all daily yes/no attributes—dishes all cleaned at the end of the day, ✓ check. Yes/no is all you get.

Every month, on the first of the month, I tune my list of habits. Here's what I've got this month:

  1. Planks - general health, good way to start the day. I tune this routine each month as well. Now it's a six-minute routine: 1:00 plank, 0:30 side plank, 0:30 other side plank, 1:00 bridge, 0:30 side plank, 0:30 other side plank, 1:00 one limb off the ground (rotating limbs, 1 cycle of all four per 0:30), 1:00 plank.
  2. Record 10 ideas - This comes from James Altucher: "How to Have GREAT Ideas". Way harder than you think. Much easier to do hill running.
  3. Chinese word of the day - this was a side project that I started over the summer and let drop: zhwotd.com. Now it stands in for some of my language study.
  4. Clothes put away - it gets really easy to chuck work clothes and home clothes on the extra bed until it accumulates a fairly decent pile...
  5. Dishes cleaned - yeah, ditto

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