A week in review, 2019-W36




  1. Ahmed Kabil, What a Prehistoric Monument Reveals about the Value of Maintenance, Blog of the Long Now (2019-09-05).
  2. Tyler Cowen, The New Generational Divide: Screen Size, Bloomberg (2019-09-07).
  3. Dave Winer, The heroes machine, Scripting News (2019-09-08).
  4. Aditya Bhalla, Don't Misuse the Pareto Principle, Six Sigma Forum Magazine (2008-05-01).


  1. The Life Is Good Company: Bert and John Jacobs, How I Built This (2019-09-02).
  2. Picasso's Guernica, In Our Time (2019-09-05).
  3. Hunting bugs and tech startups with Python, Talk Python to Me (2019-09-04).


There might be additional links that didn't make the cut at notes.kirkkittell.com

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