A week in review, 2020-W01




  1. Burkhard Bilger, The Nun and the Cheese Underground, The New Yorker (2002-08-19).
  2. John Fecile, How Chicago Bars Got So Many Old Style Signs, WBEZ (2019-12-28).
  3. Rob Walker, The 15 Crazy Objects That Defined an Even Crazier 2019, Marker (2019-12-20).
  4. Ted Drozdowski, ’97 Flashback: How Bob Dylan’s Time Out of Mind Survived Stormy Studio Sessions, Gibson Lifestyle (2008-01-02).
  5. Michael Cavna, Bill Watterson talks: This is why you must read the new ‘Exploring Calvin and Hobbes’ book, The Washington Post (2015-03-09).


  1. The Zero-Minute Workout, Freakonomics Radio (2019-06-26).
  2. Episode 216: How Four Drinking Buddies Saved Brazil, Planet Money (2020-01-01).
  3. 716: The Right Way to Form New Habits - HBR IdeaCast, HBR IdeaCast (2020-01-02).


The Dismemberment Plan: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert



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