I've been working from home for almost twelve months now. I never would have believed this when we got the notice to go home. I lied to some guy in the office to make him feel better and said we'd probably be back in a month, but I thought it might be maybe two months, three months max.

Here we are, etc.

A few weeks ago—or maybe months ago, it's hard to keep track—the power went out, killing the working day for a few hours. There's not much you can do after that—for work, at least—when everything is done on a computer and wifi.

So I fixed it. Mostly. I just installed a pair of uninterruptible power supplies in our home office—one for her, one for me. The monitors will stay on, and the laptops won't draw down their batteries. But the power to the cable router and wifi transmitter are in a different part of the house, and I'll put those on a UPS also, once I sort out how much power they want to draw. It was easier to understand what size of UPS to get for the computers: the big one.

Working from home is OK. It's better when it's by choice. It will be better (sometimes) to go back to the office and be with other people—maybe not immediately, but when the current nightmare is a bad memory, or when the current nightmare is a bad memory, or whatever. The UPSs are just things, but at this stage they mean honestly recognizing that we're going to be here in our home office for a while, which is, I think, not something I've ever really faced up to, in spite of how obvious it is.

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