So boring and so interesting

Trailhead: Secrets Under the Ice. UVM Today (2019-10-31).

To be as excited as these scientists discovering sediment from a long lost ice core from 1960s Greenland--which of course is not really from 1960s Greenland, but from some time in the long so past--is a feeling I aspire to. Some research these serious scientists do seems so esoteric to me--so far down a particular path of study that even when something exciting is found, it's boring for the rest of us. We don't know enough to appreciate the details.

But the specialists? Yeah--they appreciate the details. This article makes them sound giddy about the details. It's just mud saved in jars for fifty years. But mud contains... well... things, and the things can be studied, and the results could be the missing link to your weird branch of studying the earth, or the results could upend your field. The results could be a wave you surf or a wave that pulls you under.

I love reading about the science, but I also love reading about the scientists. They're so boring and so interesting.

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