Good enough

I have plans—in my head—for an easy to use, easy to transfer, somewhat automated setup to get plants ready for the outdoor growing season.

This... is not it.

But it works.

I'll move up to something a little more professional looking next season. Maybe. I almost got caught with nothing when the most motivated seedlings started to grow. There was no time to build what I would have wanted. What I would have wanted would be beautiful—perfect in its lack of tangible imperfections, a combination of features and craftsmanship that would make da Vinci pause.

It's a nice concept—whatever it is, whenever I work out the details—but plants need real light, not the light emanating from a perfect crystal dream.

In the meantime... What does the spec say? The spec says: keep the plants alive. The lights are right there, I bring the water, the temperature brings itself. Good enough. Ship it.

First plants out of the gate: kale, cabbage, lettuce (black seeded Simpson and Parris Island), and peas. I guess the ones I really wanted—the money tree and the ice cream bush—need a little more time.

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