Murder in the morning, murder in the night

Trailhead: Austin Kleon. "Relocate your darlings". (2021-06-22).

(The title is, as ever, Morphine at your service: "Murder for the Money".)

Let's keep it fairly short. Austin Kleon does it better in his post anyway. Much of what we do—and by we I mean I—is trash. That's life. Life is full of sketches and drafts and prototypes and stages on the journey and reasonably good ideas that were missing just a little something and so on. Compost—things that had to live and die to help something else, later, live.

Trash isn't necessarily bad. It's just trash. And you've got to take it out all it doesn't get in the way of the good stuff that doesn't exist yet. So it doesn't occupy your time and attention. So you're not fooled by cheap imitations of the better work yet to come.

"Kill your darlings" is another way to put it. Sounds harsh, but murder you must.

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