Some of my skills are anti-skills in most contexts. An example of one I've been exercising lately: I can charge at problems that need to be solved whether I know how to solve them or not.

It's not a very interesting skill. I'm not certain it's even a skill—fearlessness is possibly a thing that can be learned and practiced, sure, but it's a fine line between that and cluelessness. You can charge at this because you're clueless about the consequences.

In most contexts is not helpful because there is someone around who is knowledgeable about gore to solve a particular problem, perhaps even an expert at it. You don't want someone unknowledgeable getting in those cases. You'll end up with inferior results.

The context where it comes handy is when the room is on fire—metaphorically, but also not, I guess—and there is no one there that knows how to save you. There, you need someone who can run after something and solve it while simultaneously digging out how to solve it. Some people freeze. Some people look around, hoping someone else will step up. But what you need—sometimes—is someone who can hold the discomfort of not-knowing while engaging with the discomfort of figuring it out.

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